Making Money By Adfly $100 a Day

Want to make $100 a day online?
Then this article is exactly what you should read right now.
Truly speaking, there are tons of legit ways to make money online. But in this article, I will mainly focus on using Adfly to make money.
If you are not already aware of Adfly, let me tell you that this is a wonderful URL shortening service that can be utilized pretty well to make some extra cash.
Recently I started trying a new system with Adfly which is working very well for me. 87 Ways to Make $100 Dollar a Day Online
This system is making me money more than the money I am investing and I am doing this with Adfly. But there is something else I am using.
It’s ClickBank and this is what’s going to pay me; not Adfly.
Below is a screenshot of what I earned recently.
my clickbank profit
The amount invested to earn this money was around 25% of my gross income. So my revenue was around 400% more than my investment.
I am very much confident that you can do what I did. It should not be a problem to make at least $100 a day with Adfly or with ClickBank.
Hopefully, I will be following the method for quite long as long as it works.
So How Can You Do It?
You should already know that Adfly puts ads in their shortened links and whenever someone clicks on these links, you get to earn some money.
You can’t really earn much without a lot of hard work.
But I don’t believe in working hard always if a little smartness can do the trick.
I am not going to tell you to spread your Adfly links all over the internet and expect people to click on them. It really doesn’t help your income that much.
What you really need to do is to promote a ClickBank product using Adfly advertising. The system might now look simple. But it’s not. Because you can’t just promote any ClickBank product on Adfly and expect making sales.
That’s quite impossible. Because the conversion rate is pretty low.
But still I want to use Adfly. Because the visitors you are going to get are 100% genuine human clicks and also the advertising is very cheap.
These factors made me like Adfly so much for my advertising campaigns.
What you really need is to use it properly in the most profitable ways.
This Is Where Comes The Power of ClickBank
ClickBank is a huge marketplace of thousands of digital products and you get as much as 75% of commission of the selling amount with most of the products.
clickbank marketplace products
This is why it makes sense to choose a product from ClickBank.
Now the question is which product you should choose. It’s very important. Because if you don’t choose the right product, you may lose money.
But you won’t as long as you follow my guidelines. Continue reading …
If you are not already aware of how Adfly links work, below is an example. Kindly click and see how you have to see an advertisement before you reach the destination.
Your ads will be shown the same way with Adfly advertising.
What’s cool is that you can get around 5,000 unique visitors to your ads with just $5. But there’s something you need to know is that their traffic doesn’t convert well.
It means that most of the visitors will leave your ad after 5 seconds and won’t bother buying the product you are advertising.
They didn’t click the link to see your ads.
So after waiting for 5 seconds, they are going to skip your ads. This is why you need to choose a product that really interests them.
It’s very simple. Choose a product that most people would like. Never choose a product that only a certain kind of people would buy.
Think about a product in money making niche. Everyone is interested in making money. So it’s going to work here really well.
Now think about a product that helps to cure diabetes. Will everyone be interested?
Hope you got my point.
Never Ask to Buy Anything On Advertising Page
You believe it or not; people are not going to like this and you are never going to make any sale. It simply doesn’t work and you should never do it.
Here’s what I do and you should do.
With Adfly advertising, you only have 5 seconds of time to lure your visitors. What you really need is a way to connect with them later.
What I do is that I create a landing page that simply asks for their email addresses.
A landing page is nothing but a web page that serves as the entry point of awebsite or a particular section of a website.
The landing page I am talking about is a page that just asks for email address.
These pages are also called lead-capture pages. Look below …
lead capture page example
It’s very simple to create a landing page. You’ll find lots of tutorials available online. So it’s not going to be a problem.
For some high converting landing page templates, go to Theme Forest. It will cost you around $10 to $15 to get a good quality template.
To capture and store email addresses, you need an email marketing service.
Sign up for MailChimp. They will let you store 2000 email addresses for free. You will also be able to send emails to your leads completely free of charge.
This is actually what’s going to make you money.
So basically you are going to collect email addresses through Adfly advertising and then use the emails for recommending useful products to them.
This system is so powerful that almost anyone can do it with very little investment. The success rate is very high. But you may still fail if you don’t write the landing page properly. Let me tell you what I usually do.
Here’s what I do.
If I promote a product that’s helps people make money, here’s what I am going to write on my landing page …
Do you want to make $100 or more money everyday? Enter your email address below to see how to do it.
It takes less than 5 seconds to read it and most people wouldn’t mind sharing their email addresses with me to know a little more about it.
You can expect at least 5% conversion rate.
So if you spend $5 with Adfly, you get 250 email addresses or leads.
Remember that they put their email addresses only because they are interested to make money. I mostly choose money making niche as it converts very well.
Can you find anyone who doesn’t want to make money? You can’t.
It makes everyone who visits my advertisement a prospect customer. So I only need to spend $20 to get contact information of 1000 potential buyers.
Now I send emails explaining exactly how the product helps and why someone should buy it. Since they are already interested in making money, you should expect to get at least 1% of conversion rate.
That’s 10 buyers or 5 buyers with 0.5% conversion rate.
So Here’s How The System Works
You choose a high quality product. It doesn’t cost anything.
Create a high converting landing page which is going to cost you $10 to $15 for a good quality template. You also need a domain which costs around $10.
Get a free MailChimp account that lets you store 2,000 leads.
Get 2,000 leads using Adfly advertising which is going to cost you $40.
So your total cost is going to be $65.
Imagine that you are promoting a product that pays you $30 for every sale and if only 1% of your leads convert, you are making $600 ( 30*20 ).
Even if only 0.5% converts, that’s $300. You are still making profit.
This is really how to make money with Adfly.
Do you see its power now? If you don’t, probably this method is not for you. If you are so afraid of spending money or taking a little risk, I really have nothing to do.
But if you are someone who loves trying new things and methods that are proven to work, try this. I confirm that you will succeed.
There are many advertising programs online. But Adfly is cheap and converts well for capturing leads. Making sales entirely depends on how well you write your emails. So make sure that you write some good quality emails only.
Take help from vendors. They would love to help you. Also most vendors have affiliate pages with email templates already made for affiliates.
So that’s all I have to say. I must acknowledge that there are some risks involved and it’s common in every business.
But I truly believe that spending some of your time to try this method should not be a problem. This is how I made hundreds of dollars. Hopefully it should work for you too.
Please note that this article is not exactly about making money with Adfly, but actually with ClickBank. But I think that Adfly should get the credit as it’s the biggest reason behind all the profits.
So I named the article … How to Make Money with Adfly.
Let me know if you have any question.


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